why blog?

hello friends…

so im finally posting my first…. post!

let me start by saying… i have my own very unique writing style
when putting thoughts to paper…or keyboard/electrons in this case
*i quite dislike actually using a pen/pencil and writing anything… it lacks the ability to spell check, or copy paste stuff quickly…

so… youll have to get used to the way i write if you plan to read my blog…
capitalization… i will rarely use… ill do my best with punctation, which im also not a huge fan of… other than when it is completely necessary.
other than (quite clearly) the ‘…’
*i find it an easy way to transition between sentences, paragraphs, completely opposing or unrelated topics.

so if you plan on correcting my spelling, or grammar, or punctuation… fuck off. im trying to convey a message/ideas/myself, not white a thesis.

so to start… ill answer what would probably be the most asked, or pondered item… why blog?
wait a minute…. why would I assume you would ask that? Or think it?
frankly… I don’t, its just me questioning myself (a bad habit of mine)

so why blog? Why have a blog? why share personal information publicly with others, and possibly outsiders? why even waste the time????
do I not have friends? not enough? seeking attention?
do I have some business I am promoting? Is there some way for me to make money from this?
am i writing this for someone specific?

being an intellectual person that i like to think of myself as, and having some pretty bad A.D.D… mostly the ADD… I have all these thoughts going through my head ALL the time, I can never focus on one thing, and youll find in reading my blog that… the posts might start with one topic and end in something COMPLETELY different.. or I go off on some tangent that is completely unrelated.

i am a thinker. i question things, I have a constant need to learn more… usually about stupid things that have no real………umm….. relevance to me, or dont really directly benefit me in anyway…

such as… how are nebulae formed?

So let me answer some of those questions…not about space… about bogging.

So quite the opposite of not having any friends… I have too many friends!!!
ok no, im not that popular, and infact there is really nothing too special about me… mostly I am pretty uninteresting.

this blog is for…. not just friends, family, acquaintances… potential friends…past friends… etc

I see this divide… in our everyday lives.

Lets say you have 5 friends only… k?

you get a new job… so… are you going to call each and every one of them, one by one, and have the exact same conversation about how you are really happy about your new job?

…some females might do this, but mostly.. thats pretty tedious if you ask me… telling the story for the third time.. i would imagine it would loose a lof of its ummm…… life.

or what about that person you worked with 2 years ago that really liked you, genuinely interested in your life and what you do for fun or outside work, but never had the opportunity to know you.

what about some random person in another country that happens to come across your site/blog/facebook profile, and thinks you are fucking awesome and wants to know all about you.

anyway the point of my blog is not to satisfy the seeming multitude of people that are possibly interested in my life…

but to just… put myself out there.

i didnt call you today (yes you) to tell you about what I did yesterday, or whats new with me in the past week, or how i felt this morning, what thoughts were on my mind.

and weather or not you care, I want to leave a part of me here, that… for those who do care… can do just that… care.. and feel apart of my life. why? because you are.

If you are here… you must know me! or know of me… and so…… you are in fact a part of my life… and i genuinely… really and truly… love you for being here, yes, i love you. weather you are a friend or an enemy, or you fucking hate me… i still love you.

essentially this blog will serve as sort of a diary for me (no homo)
…somehing i can look back at when i am older and wiser and say WOW what a fucktard i was!!!

but also a place where people who care can come and get an insight into my mind, my life, who i am… what drives me…. and maybe also you will learn something while your here!

I will have another post soon about what my values are, and who i think i am in this world, and whether or not anyone will notice or care if/when i die.


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